Pottery Works News and Event

Due to the Corona Virus, Potteryworks will no longer be available at the Brattleboro Winter Farmer's Market.   The summer market currently plans to open on May 2, but please check this website for changes. 

Pottery Works has made functional stoneware pottery in Vermont and marketed it nationwide since 1972. This handmade pottery is glazed in cobalt blue, sky blue, sage green, earth, plum, and black. Each piece of this wheel thrown pottery is individually thrown by only one potter. Then each piece  is personally fired by the potter to achieve the blue, green or other glazed finished handmade pottery. Hand thrown pottery mugs, bowls, berry bowls, casseroles, plates, teapots, vases, pitchers, cream and sugars, and planters are just some of the stoneware pottery items available on this site. 

We maintain a large inventory.  However, many pieces of this handmade stoneware pottery must be made to order.  Currently, most items not in stock are shipped within 3 weeks although larger orders can take longer. Plates orders are currently running at least 2 months out.  

Featured Products

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Handmade  1 Quart Casserole
Handmade Med. Pitchers
Handmade Spoon Rests
Shortman's Garnet Ruffles
Small Handmade Pottery Vases