Pottery Store

  • Mugs, Cups & Glasses Mugs, Cups & Glasses
    This category includes hand thrown pottery mugs in 5 styles, and handmade stoneware juice cups, and tall glasses in 9 glazes.
  • Plates Plates
    SWD Pottery Works makes hand thrown stoneware pottery plates. There are 3 sizes and 6 glazes available.
  • Bowls Bowls
    This category includes hand thrown stoneware bowls, batter bowls, colanders, and soup bowls in 6 to 9 glazes.
  • Baking Dishes Baking Dishes
    This category includes 2 sizes of both hand thrown pie pans and handmade casseroles in 6 glazes.
  • Pitchers Pitchers
    There are 2 sizes of hand thrown stoneware pottery pitchers available in a choice of 9 glazes.
  • Vases Vases
    There are 3 sizes of handmade stoneware pottery vases for sale in a choice of 9 glazes
  • Garlic Pots Garlic Pots
    These hand thrown stoneware pottery garlic pots are available in 9 glazes.
  • Cream and Sugar Cream and Sugar
    There are 2 styles of handmade stoneware pottery creamers and 1 style of sugar bowl/honey pot available in 9 choices of glazes.
  • Planters Planters
    There are both handmade hanging planters, and hand thrown standing planters available in 6 glazes.
  • Spoon Holders Spoon Holders
    This category includes both handmade pottery utensil holders available in 9 glazes and hand thrown stoneware spoon drips available in 6 glazes.
  • Soap Dishes Soap Dishes
    These handmade soap dishes come with a liner dish to catch the drippings. They are available in 6 glazes.
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